Personalized, professional, courteous.

Callers to your law practice should always feel as though they’ve reached your offices.
When we answer, they do. Their experience will be the same as if you answered,
and we’ll treat them with the respect and courtesy you and they expect.

Plans & Pricing

Setting appointments

We’ll know your schedule and your calendar, so you never need to worry about scheduling conflicts.

Taking messages

Access your messages whenever you want, or get instant notifications from our on-duty receptionists.

Screening Leads

Not every inquiry or case is worth your time. Our answering service professionals can screen callers and qualify leads, leaving you free to focus on billable work.

Expand your capacity with trained legal receptionists, 24/7.

For all the things you want to do or do better but can’t for lack of time and resources, call us. We’ll smoothly adapt to your particular legal practice or specialty area and provide your clients and callers with the professional support you expect.

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